Cable in Conduit

Cable in Conduit

Cable in Conduit, installing cable in the conduit at our factory, ensures clean and damage free cable at the work site.Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is centrally located in Kentucky, allowing us to competitively service clients in the eastern two-thirds of the US. Blue Diamond, founded over 10 years ago, manufactures HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) conduit, the preferred material to protect fiber optic and power cables.

CIC (Cable in Conduit) means single or multiple cables (power, CATV or telecom) are installed at our manufacturing facility during the extrusion process, saving money by eliminating the costly step of pulling cable in the field where sometimes field conditions may be less than conducive to a good clean installation. During the manufacturing process, BDI product protects the cable jacket from melting and sticking to the conduit wall by using a Teflon™ tube inserted into the extrusion line. This ensures a clean and damage free cable is delivered to the work site. BDI CIC (Cable in Conduit) protects single or multiple cables during and after installation. Blue Diamond CIC (Cable in Conduit) is available in diameters through 4” and is available in a range of colors, striping patterns, dimensions and lengths to suit your needs.

CIC (Cable in Conduit) is especially suited to installation by plowing along right of ways and HDD (horizontal directional drilling) but can also be used in open cut. Our Cable in Conduit is produced in accordance with the latest national, state or local specifications, including UL certification where required. Incoming raw material and the finished product are thoroughly tested in our laboratories for quality.

Cable in Conduit eliminates several issues and complexities occurring in the field:

  • Cable installation during the conduit manufacturing process eliminates the need for pulling cable in the field.

  • Cable in conduit ensures that the cable, most often power cable, is protected from installation damage. The one step installation also eliminates the expense of pulling in heavy power cables.

  • Multiple cables can be positioned at one time.

  • Cable in conduit is protected by the HDPE conduit affording the best protection for potential construction damage such as rock impingement, accidental excavation, or corrosive soils.

  • Buried Cable in Conduit eliminates constant and costly maintenance issues accompanying aerial installation, including tree trimming and utility pole replacement. As well, buried Cable in Conduit is less affected by hurricanes and tornadoes.

Blue Diamond Industries prides itself on customer service and satisfaction with Cable in Conduit meeting and exceeding the industry specifications. Blue Diamond will respond to your request for quote in a timely matter with a competitive price and delivery that meets your project schedule. Our customers return to us for their HDPE conduit needs because they can depend on our quality, pricing and service.

Blue Diamond Industries is a WOSB/WBE company (Women Owned Small Business Enterprise), a certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) in 17 states and a certified HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone). As a leader in the industry, Blue Diamond Industries is an active member of PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute) and PCCA (Power and Communication Contractors Association).