Conduit for Fiber Optic Cable

Conduit for Fiber Optic Cable

Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) has manufactured HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) conduit for fiber optic cable for several decades. Centrally located in Kentucky, BDI is able to competitively service the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. HDPE Conduit has long been the material of choice to protect fiber optic cable and our complete package of HDPE conduit and accessories makes BDI the optimal provider.

Fiber cable is replacing traditional copper cable in communications due to its virtual unlimited capacity to carry the bandwidth required for today's mobile, Internet, commercial, residential, security and cloud data needs. Fiber optic communications and consistent, reliable power are more essential than ever for security and first responders who rely on unfailing communication systems. Encasing fiber optic cable in BDI HDPE conduit for fiber optic cable, protects the fiber optic cable from rock impingement, corrosive soils, accidental excavation. Furthermore, buried conduit for fiber optic cable in HDPE conduit is less susceptible to damage from severe weather and requires less maintenance such as tree trimming compared to aerial installation.

Buried telecom, communication and power distribution networks are less likely to be affected by natural disasters, need less maintenance, and are better protected than aerial installations. Because of its availability in long lengths eliminating joints and its tensile strength, BDI conduit for fiber optic cable is ideal for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and Plowing installation.

As fiber optic networks have become an essential element of most any communication construction project, Blue Diamond Industries offers a range of size and purpose options:

  • Smooth Wall Duct – Its smooth interior and slick finish results in reducing friction and easier blowing and pulling of cable. A pre-lubricant can be added during the manufacturing process. Smooth wall can also be used as an inner duct with several conduits placed inside a larger casing pipe.

  • Ribbed Wall Duct – This innerduct has multiple ridges on the interior and works well for extremely long cable pulls.

  • BDI conduit for fiber optic cable is available in a number of colors, and striping patterns where multiple conduits in one trench need to be differentiated. The standard color for telecommunications conduit is orange.

  • Specification and dimensional information is printed at 2' intervals in buried conduit for fiber optic cable and other types of cable.

  • Several methods of locating fiber optic conduit after it has been buried are available, including a locate wire on the fiber optic conduit or a locatable pull tape installed at the BDI manufacturing facility.

Blue Diamond HDPE Conduit for Fiber Optic Cable is produced according to the latest national, state and local specifications. Our in-house laboratory tests all incoming raw material and finished product to ensure quality and conformance to the specifications. Blue Diamond prides itself on service and partnership with our customers. We will respond to your request for quotation on conduit for fiber optic cable in a timely manner with a competitive price and delivery that meets your project schedule. Our customers return to us for their HDPE conduit for fiber optic cable needs, because they can depend on our quality, pricing and service.

Blue Diamond Industries is a WOSB/WBE company (Women Owned Small Business Enterprise), a certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) in 17 states and a certified HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone). As a leader in the industry, Blue Diamond Industries is an active member of PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute) and PCCA (Power and Communication Contractors Association).