HDPE Pipe Manufacturers

Blue Diamond HDPE is delivered to the site on reels which will be picked up when empty by BDI at no cost to the customer.Blue Diamond Industries, a premier high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe manufacturer, has been servicing the telecom and power construction industry from its manufacturing facility in Middlesboro, KY for over 25 years. The central location makes Blue Diamond competitive to ship to the eastern two-thirds of the United States.

The mission statement of Blue Diamond Industries captures the essence of our goals: high quality and excellent service. BDI, as an HDPE pipe manufacturer, sells conduit to the power, telecom and civil construction industries. Its HDPE pipe is suited to protect a variety of cables, reduce maintenance, and add to the longevity of the system. Blue Diamond, is an agile HDPE pipe manufacturer with the ability to change colors and diameters very quickly to service customers. As an HDPE pipe manufacturer, we pride ourselves on our technical expertise. BDI is a member of several HDPE pipe manufacturing associations, such as PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute) and PCCA (Power and Communication Contractors Association).

Blue Diamond's commitment to high quality has been guided by our mission statement and our certification to ISO: 9001-2008. This certification was awarded after a multi-year effort to document our company's strict adherence to quality management practices. The training of personnel began in 2011 and our production management received lead auditor training. In September of 2013 we received our certification through an accredited auditor. This process is ongoing with monthly internal audits, procedure review, management review and quarterly customer satisfaction surveys. All of this process is part of our commitment to excellent quality and great customer satisfaction. BDI's customers are loyal as they experience high quality, competitive prices and delivery that is on time.

As an HDPE pipe manufacturer, we offer a variety of products:

  • We manufacture Smooth Wall, Ribbed Wall and Specialty duct.

  • We can manufacture HDPE conduit in a variety of colors and striping patterns for buried HDPE pipe.

  • We manufacture HDPE to national industry standards including UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certification when required.

  • We manufacture Cable in Conduit (CIC) with a method of extruding pipe over power, CATV and telecom cable delivered to the construction site as a package.

  • We offer microducts and subducts along with all of the components required to build the complete microduct system.

Blue Diamond is UL (Underwriters Laboratory) Listed for power applications. UL Listed HDPE pipe manufactured by BDI has a high tensile strength to weight ratio, superior crush resistance and a low co-efficient of friction, which makes it ideal for Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) and plowing. Another type of HDPE pipe manufactured by BDI is 3N1, a new boreable HDPE continuous conduit with 3 pre-installed innerducts installed at our manufacturing facility during the extrusion process. It can be used for HDD and plowing alongside highways. Innerducts do not have to be pulled through after the bore, allowing you to blow fiber or pull power cables as soon as the bore is complete.

There are other HDPE pipe manufacturers, but BDI is a company where all of our owners are active in the business and their attention to meeting your needs with the most suitable, high quality HDPE qualifies BDI as the best HDPE pipe manufacturer in the business.