Telecom Conduit

Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is the premier manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit, the material of choice in telecom conduit used to protect fiber optic cable. Centrally located in Kentucky, Blue Diamond is able to competitively ship to the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. Our manufacturing plant has been producing high quality HDPE telecom conduit for several decades. BDI prides itself on its commitment to excellent quality and great customer service and has achieved customer loyalty through its mission to serve our customers with excellent products, competitive pricing and hands-on service from a highly experienced and technical staff.

Our use of mobile devices, streaming of data and information and social networking has created the requirement for more broadband capacity. This explosion of data requires the use of fiber optic cable which is replacing copper and requires protection of cable with telecom conduit made of HDPE. With the rapid-speed development and evolution of the telecommunications industry, HDPE product manufactured by BDI remains the telecom conduit choice of the majority of networking operating companies to protect the nation's fiber optic highway.

Blue Diamond HDPE conduit has specific qualities that make it the best-suited telecom conduit to deliver this protection.

  • BDI telecom conduit is resistant to chemicals commonly found in soils and will not corrode.

  • BDI telecom conduit is flexible, allowing it to be installed in the most difficult field conditions, yet it has superior crush resistance.

  • BDI telecom conduit, when buried, is immune to violent weather storms, unlike aerial construction.

  • BDI telecom conduit long lengths and tensile strength make it the ideal product for installation technologies of HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and plowing.

BDI manufactures several types of HDPE conduit that are used for protecting fiber optic cable:

  • Smooth Wall conduit has a slick, low-friction interior finish for easy blowing and pulling of cable.

  • Ribbed Wall conduit is designed to work for extremely long cable pulls to glide through the interior raised ribs.

  • Specialty conduit:

  • HDPE conduit with an 18 gauge- tracer wire extruded on the telecom conduit assists in location of underground fiber optic cable. Traceable Pull Tape pre-installation is also available.

  • Figure 8 duct is another option. It has a high tensile galvanized support strand for aerial placement of telecom conduit. BDI has limited inventory of Figure 8 duct.

Blue Diamond carries a full line of accessories to complete your project requirements: conduit plugs,couplings, vinyl end caps, cutting tools and repair kits.

Blue Diamond Industries is committed to excellence and much of this is the result of the continuous effort to improve the quality management system. BDI has been certified to ISO 9001-2008 after a multi-year process to achieve this status. With BDI's ongoing audits and reviews, our in-house laboratory testing capability, continuous quality improvement is assured.

It is clear to all of us at Blue Diamond Industries that we have a shared goal with our customers: delivering great service and the correct product efficiently so that your project does not experience delay and is profitable. Blue Diamond knows the construction industry. We provide the correct telecom conduit, produced to the correct specification, shipped on time, and at a competitive price.