Telecom Duct

BDI HDPE Conduit, available in long length reels, is the preferred conduit for protecting fiber optic and power cables.Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is a leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. Centrally located in Kentucky, BDI is able to conveniently serve clients throughout the eastern two-thirds of the U.S. In the business for over a decade, BDI has a long history in the engineered construction products marketplace, specifically telecom duct and power conduit. Blue Diamond is large enough to supply a full line of telecom duct to the largest fiber optic networks in the US, yet small and agile enough to make sure that our customers get what they need when they need it to complete the emergency products. We understand the importance of getting the HDPE conduit to the job and keeping your project moving. Our customers develop an allegiance to BDI because we can react to your needs quickly.

With our mission of supplying quality products at competitive prices, delivering on time and providing excellent service, BDI has become a reliable source for telecom duct. The explosion of mobile and streaming data has created a need for increasing broadband capacity and speed in the telecommunications industry. Fiber cable replaces copper and HDPE telecom duct manufactured by BDI is the choice of the largest network operating companies to protect the nation's fiber optic highway.

  • BDI telecom duct, manufactured from HDPE, is non-corroding and inert to chemicals found in soils.

  • BDI telecom duct is flexible, yet stiff, and able to adjust to the most demanding jobsite conditions.

  • BDI telecom duct, because it is underground, is not susceptible to storm damage as aerial installations are.

  • Its long lengths and tensile strength make it the ideal product for installation technologies of HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and plowing.

BDI manufactures several types of HDPE duct that are used in the telecommunications industry:

  • Smooth Wall duct has a slick, low-friction interior finish for easy blowing and pulling of cable.

  • Ribbed Wall duct is designed to work for extremely long cable pulls to glide through the interior raised ribs.

  • Specialty duct:

  • HDPE conduit is available with an 18 gauge tracer wire extruded to the telecom duct to locate underground fiber optic cable. Traceable Pull Tape pre-installation is also available.

  • Figure 8 duct is another option. It has a high tensile galvanized support strand for aerial placement of telecom duct.

Although HDPE duct from Blue Diamond is available in several colors, the standard color for telecommunications operations is orange. Striping is available. Yellow is not recommended as it is the standard for gas distribution piping.

Blue Diamond offers a range of HDPE pipe suitable as telecom duct. Telecom duct can be pre-lubricated, equipped with pre-installed pull tapes, and pre-installed Cable in Conduit.

Blue Diamond Industries is committed to excellence and much of this is the result of the continuous effort to improve the quality management system. BDI has been certified to ISO 9001-2008 after a multi-year process to achieve this status. Ongoing audits and our in-house laboratory testing capabilities assures customers BDI telecom duct meets the highest national industry specifications and standards, including UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified telecom duct.