Coilable Plastic Pipe

Coilable Plastic Pipe

BDI HDPE Conduit, available in long length reels, is the preferred conduit for protecting fiber optic and power cables.Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is a leading manufacturer of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) conduit. HDPE Coilable Plastic Pipe protects fiber optic and power cables. Blue Diamond has been manufacturing HDPE conduit for over 10 years and our coilable plastic pipe is produced to the latest industry specifications, including UL certification when required. BDI is known for our attention to quality and has in house laboratory capabilities to test raw material and product performance. HDPE Coilable plastic pipe is ideal because of its long length, eliminating joints and is flexible to adjust to changing job site conditions. Our coilable plastic pipe works for several installation methods: HDD (horizontal directional drilling), plowing methods, and open cut.

If you are in the market for Coilable Plastic Pipe you will find that the conduit at BDI is your solution for a number of reasons:

  • HDPE is the premier material for conduit. Known for its strength, flexibility and durability, it is the ideal product for plowing long lengths and in HDD drilling applications.

  • BDI's Coilable Plastic pipe is available in long lengths for installation along highway and utility rights of way, making this work quick and economical.

  • The tensile strength and flexibility of BDI coilable plastic pipe (HDPE) is an essential feature for horizontal directional drilling applications.

  • HDPE coilable plastic pipe from BDI protects cable from construction issues, such as corrosive soils, rock impingement, and accidental excavations.

  • Quality is a foremost goal for Blue Diamond coilable plastic pipe. As stated in our Mission Statement: BDI meets or exceeds the quality required by the latest industry specifications including UL certification when required. Our in house laboratory tests incoming raw material and the finished product to ensure the final product meets the specification.

  • We have a long history serving the utility industry, cable companies, highway contractors, and the growing market for broadband data. We have a knowledgeable and experienced workforce that understands your business. Our repeat customers, distributors, contractors and end users, are a testimony to the quality and service we provide.

  • We know a project delay is expensive. We're agile: we can change diameters, wall thickness and colors quickly. We keep your project moving forward, on time and you making money.

  • Our company is large enough to price coilable plastic pipe (conduit) competitively and small enough to be able to respond to your requirements quickly.

Blue Diamond Industries has the capability to install cable, CIC Cable in Conduit (either customer supplied or sourced by BDI) during the manufacturing process, allowing our conduit to be a simple one-step, on-site installation for your company. Buried HDPE coilable plastic pipe eliminates the expense of maintaining aerial installation-for example, tree trimming. Buried cable, protected by HDPE conduit is also less susceptible to weather related storm damage.

Blue Diamond Industries has been a leader in the HDPE conduit industry for many years demonstrated by the loyalty of return customers who recognize BDI for quality and service.

Blue Diamond Industries is a WOSB/WBE company (Women Owned Small Business Enterprise), a certified DBE (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) in 17 states and a certified HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone. As a leader in the industry, Blue Diamond Industries is an active member of PPI (Plastic Pipe Institute) and PCCA (Power and Communication Contractors Association).