Geothermal Pressure Pipe

Geothermal exchange is a clean energy method of heating and cooling commercial and residential buildings.  The technology is proven and has been in use for decades.  In simplest terms, HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe is buried in the ground, allowing heat transfer between the fluid in the pipe and the earth.  The fluid in the piping is warmed in the winter and cooled in the summer.  The system consists of buried HDPE pipe, a heat pump, and air distribution system.

The buried piping heat exchanger is a key component of the geothermal system.  Blue Diamond Geothermal Pressure Pipe is manufactured from PE 3408/3608 resin listed in PPI (Plastics Pipe Institute) Standard TR 4 and meets the requirements of IGSHPA (the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association).  Blue Diamond is also certified to produce PE 4710 piping, which has a higher Hydrostatic Design Stress and higher environmental stress crack rating.  Pipe manufactured from PE 4710 resin will have a higher pressure rating for the same SDR wall thickness compared to 3408/3608 resin. Contact the BDI technical staff for further information.  BDI PE 4710 is listed in PPI Standard TR 4.

IGSHPA recommends HDPE pipe for its superior properties.

  • CHEMICAL AND CORROSION RESISTANCE-Will not corrode or rot, even in the most aggressive soil conditions
  • TOUGH AND FLEXIBLE-Good impact and abrasion resistance
  • FLEXIBLE-Minimum bend radius is 100 times the outside diameter, without kinking to follow the contours of the borehole installation
  • THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY-Excellent heat transfer properties
  • LEAK TIGHT JOINTS-Fusion welded joints provide long term leak free joints
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PE 4710 Technical Note

HDPE is suitable for Geothermal Pressure Pipe. It is chemical and corrosion resistant, flexible and thermal conductive.