HDPE Conduit

BDI HDPE Conduit, available in long length reels, is the preferred conduit for protecting fiber optic and power cables.Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is a premier manufacturer of high density polyethylene (HDPE) conduit. Located in Kentucky, its shipping range competitively extends to the eastern two-thirds of the United States. Blue Diamond has been in business for many years with the plant in Middlesboro, KY, near the Tennessee border, manufacturing HDPE conduit for over 25 years. We know the construction business and deliver the HDPE conduit with the correct specification, at a competitive price on time, so contractors are ahead of their project timetable.

Blue Diamond is unwavering in its commitment to providing HDPE conduit of the highest quality meeting national specifications. BDI is also UL (Underwriters Laboratory) certified to produce HDPE conduit and HDPE Cable in Conduit for power cable applications. The in-house laboratory tests incoming raw materials as well as the physical properties of the HDPE conduit after production. BDI recently passed a second audit confirming its ISO 9001 quality management certification.

HDPE conduit is the product of choice for cable protection in the power and telecommunications industry. It is also used in civil construction markets (such as geothermal piping) to transport fluids. It has a number of qualities that contribute to its effectiveness in the protection of fiber optic and power cables:

  • BDI HDPE conduit is corrosion resistant and immune to the aggressive chemicals found commonly in soils.

  • BDI HDPE conduit is flexible, yet tough, making it suitable for plowing, directional drilling and other challenging installation methods.

  • BDI HDPE conduit, when buried, is not subject to storm damage.

  • BDI HDPE conduit long lengths and tensile strength make it the ideal product for installation technologies of HDD (horizontal directional drilling) and plowing.

HDPE conduit is flexible and available in long reel lengths, ideal for long cable pulls. Product ordered through Blue Diamond is shipped on reels which remain the property of Blue Diamond and will be picked up when empty at no cost to you.

BDI manufactures several types of HDPE conduit that are used for protecting fiber optic cable:

  • Smooth Wall conduit has a slick, low-friction interior finish for easy blowing and pulling of cable.

  • Ribbed Wall conduit is designed to work for extremely long cable pulls to glide through the interior raised ribs of the duct.

  • Specialty conduit

    • HDPE conduit with an 18-gauge copper tracer wire extruded on the conduit provides a method to locate underground fiber optic cable. Traceable Pull Tape pre-installation is also available.

  • Figure 8 duct is another option for aerial construction. It has a high tensile galvanized support strand.

Cable in Conduit (CIC) is a variation of HDPE conduit that extrudes pipe over CableTV, power and telecom cable during the manufacturing process, ensuring that a clean and damage free cable is delivered to the field. The use of CIC HDPE conduit also eliminates the added expense of pulling cable at the job site, often done under conditions less than conducive to a clean installation.

When you order Blue Diamond Industries HDPE conduit, you will be dealing with an experienced service and technical staff to help you purchase the correct product at a competitive price, shipped to your project on time.