New High Performance BDI Barbed Couplers

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Blue Diamond announces a line of couplers specifically designed to meet ASTM F2176 (  F2176 is the specification written specially for HDPE (high density polyethylene) conduit couplers used in the power and communications industry.  Performance features include high mechanical pull out and long term constant load resistance.  Sustained pressure testing requirements provide assurance of integrity under high cable blowing pressures and long term water tightness.

ASTM F2176 requirements are as follows:

Short Term Mechanical Pull Out                       1000 hr. Constant Load Resistance
3/4" IPS               380lbs                                                          190 lbs
1" IPS                  760lbs                                                          380 lbs
1-1/4" IPS            940lbs                                                          470 lbs
1-1/2" IPS           1220lbs                                                         610 lbs
2" IPS                  1920lbs                                                         960 lbs

Sustained Internal Pressure Test (1 hour): 150 psi
Sustained External Pressure Test (1000 hrs): 10psi

The sharp barbs machined into the interior of the aluminum coupling bite into the body of the duct to accomplish outstanding pull out strength.  Each barb acts as a pressure seal to allow long cable blowing lengths under high internal back pressures.  The external pressure test ensures long term joint performance protecting cables from outside elements.  The aluminum construction is corrosion resistant in most common soils for extremely long term performance characteristics.

The Blue Diamond Barbed Coupler is a compression fitting and must be installed using a Hydraulic or Mechanical coupling press.  The coupling press ensures the HDPE conduit ends butt up against each other to enhance cable blowing.  It also compresses the coupling forcing the barbs into the duct, ensuring great pull out strength and sealing capacity.  Long haul telecom contractors prefer barbed compression couplings because of their reliability and ease of installation.  The Blue Diamond Barbed Coupler provides all of these benefits at an affordable price.

Contact Jaime Shouldis at (859) 224-0415 or for pricing and further technical information.  Blue Diamond is a leading producer of HDPE conduit for the communications and power industries.  BDI manufactures conduit through 6" diameter to all the national specifications.  BDI is RUS listed and is certified to meet UL 651 empty conduit and UL 1990 Cable in Conduit specifications.

Barbed Coupler Data Sheet

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