PPI (The Plastics Pipe Institute) Issues Statement on Additives in HDPE Conduit

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PPI has issued Statement Z on the additive Calcium Carbonate CaC03 in HDPE conduit. CaCO3 is a mineral added to the virgin resin as a filler-typically used to lower the cost of plastic products. 

The statement cautions the use of CaCO3 as it could adversely affect the long term properties of HDPE conduit. Furthermore, none of the current HDPE conduit industry standards allow such additives. 

Blue Diamond does not use any additives (other than color or lubricant) in the production of our HDPE conduit products. 

See PPI's statement for further details by clicking here

Blue Diamond is a privately held company and a leading manufacturer of HDPE conduit and Cable in Conduit for the protection of fiber and power cable.  Its products are used in the nation's infrastructure and telecommunications networks. Blue Diamond is a WOSB (Women Owned Small Business Enterprise) as well as a HUBZone (Historically Underutilized Business Zone) certifified business.

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