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The (PPI) Plastic Pipe Institute Conduit Division in cooperation with other ASTM committee members, have worked together to revise the specification for HDPE Cable in Conduit (CIC).  The new specification is: ASTM D3485-15, Standard Specification for Coilable High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)...Read More

Recently, Blue Diamond had the opportunity to work with AllEarth Renewables to provide cable in conduit for the largest distributed solar tracker farm in North America. Blue Diamond provided 70,000 feet of CIC to the farm, which is located in South Burlington, VT.    

AllEarth is a...Read More

*Patent Pending

Blue Diamond has developed a new "Boreable" HDPE continuous conduit with 3 innerducts pre-installed inside.  The innerducts are installed at our manufacturing facility during the extrusion process.  It is a similar process to CIC (Cable in Conduit) where power or communication...Read More

In early 2012, UL has changed the standard numbers for plastic electrical conduit.  Previously UL 651B was the standard for Continuous Length HDPE Conduit.  UL 651A was the standard for PVC and HDPE stick conduit.  NOW:
1.       UL 651 A is for continuous length and stick HDPE Conduit.Read More

Blue Diamond announces a line of couplers specifically designed to meet ASTM F2176 (  F2176 is the specification written specially for HDPE (high density polyethylene) conduit couplers used in the power and communications industry.  Performance features include high mechanical pull...Read More