Fiber to the Home (FttH) is the term that identifies high speed broadband connection to homes and businesses.  Typical coax or copper cable offers speeds of 10-100 Mbps.  FttH can offer broadband speeds of 1 Gbps, allowing streaming of video and high content information in seconds.  Bandwidth demand is doubling every two years.

Although the US FttH market is growing exponentially, 35 million homes in 2017*, it still is far behind other countries as a percentage of the total available market.  Sweden has a mandate to pass 95% of homes by 2025.  South Korea and Japan have 55% and 44% of homes utilizing FttH.  By contrast, FttH homes passed in the US is less than 30%.

Blue Diamond and Hexatronic have complete solutions for the FttH market.  Blue Diamond’s conventional conduit forms the network “highway.”  Micorduct and microfiber comprise the “exit ramps” and last mile solutions.  These include the passive equipment and connections to the inside plant structure.
*Fiber Broadband Association press release   https://www.fiberbroadband.org/blog/fiber-broadband-association-releases-industry-update

HDPE Standards and Dimensions

Fiber To The Home is a rapidly expanding method for delivering video, data, and voice services for residential purposes.

BDI FTTH offers protection for buried cable for up to twenty years. It is aesthetically appealing and weather resistant.