Reel Return Program

Blue Diamond conduit is shipped on metal reels, ranging from sizes 48" - 120".  The most common size is 96".  Reels may be returned to Blue Diamond either fully assembled or, preferably, broken down to maximize the number that can fit on a truck.  Typically, a truck can return up to 16 empty reels (assembled) to Blue Diamond or 80 reels (broken down).  Staves are removed and returned with the reels, this is also done sometimes when storage is an issue.
Blue Diamond offers 2 options when returning reels.

Option A

At Blue Diamond's expense, arrangements for a truck to pick up will be made. No credit will be given to the customer when his option is selected.  Use the below contacts to schedule an empty reel pickup.  Please include the number of reels, address for pickup, a contact name and phone number and the hours available for pickup when requesting a pickup. 
Kelly Lambert
Susie Sweeney

Option B

  • Blue Diamond will pay $1.00 per inch, for each assembled acceptable reel or $.50 per inch for each disassembled flange, for those customers that choose to pay for freight to transport them back to the manufacturing plant.
  • Blue Diamond will pay $1.25 per inch for assembled 2-way segmented reels (must include 1 center reel flange) and $1.50 per inch for assembled 3-way segmented reels (must include 2 center reel flanges), for those customers that chose to pay freight to transport them back to the manufacturing plant. All bars must be in good condition.
  • An RMA number must be obtained from BDI's reel coordinator ( prior to the reels being returned to the plant. When the driver arrives at the plant, they must provide this RMA number and completed inspection form to the facility in order for you to receive credit. Reels will not be unloaded or credited without this information.
  • When the reels are unloaded at our facility, they will be inspected to determine whether or not they meet our Acceptable Reel qualifiactions (see below). Acceptable reels will be received for credit. Reels that are not deemed acceptable will still be unloaded but not credited. BDI will dispose of these reels at no additional charge.
  • Blue Diamond offers two ways to receive payment for Acceptable Reels. If you are already a customer in our system, we wil process and provide a credit to your account to be used on future orders. If you are not already in our system, we will set your company up as a vendor (you must provide us a W-9) and we will process a check payment. Credits and checks will be processed within 30 days of reels being returned to the plant.

Acceptable Reels

To be considered an Acceptable Reel or Flange, and to receive full price, each reel/flange must meet the below qualifications:
  • Reels are ready to use in production with no repairs needed.  Reels must roll freely on the ground and show no signs of warping.
  • 96" reels MUST HAVE 8 spokes.
  • Must return a minimum of 50 flanges.
  • Includes all corresponding bars in usable condition (if assembled). 
  • If reels are disassembled, BDI will pay $3 each per stave - 44.5" staves. 
  • All reels must be returned empty and void of any remaining conduit.

Unacceptable Reels

Blue Diamond will not pay for any reels that are unacceptable.  Examples of these reels are:
  • Flattened or bent flanges. (Reels must roll freely on the ground)
  • Cracked welds.
  • Wooden or missing staves.
Please see examples of Acceptable/Unacceptable Reels below.

Acceptable Stave Ends

Acceptable Reels

Unacceptable Reels

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