Quality Control & ISO 9001:2015

The quality mission of Blue Diamond Industries (BDI) is to establish a culture of producing conduit, CIC (cable in conduit), UL listed conduit and Microduct polyethylene piping products to meet or exceed the required specifications without exception. We accomplish this by controlling both raw materials and the manufacturing process through testing and visual inspections. Accountability is documented and will be traceable through recording dates, shifts, and production runs. The goal is to continually improve quality and prevent shipment of any product not meeting required specifications.

Blue Diamond maintains a full laboratory for testing of raw materials in accordance with ASTM D3350, to confirm the quality of our incoming raw materials as well as provide historical data. Additionally, BDI does post production testing to ensure compliance with the specifications, including ASTM F2160, D3485, D3035, NEMA TC7, UL 651A and customer specific requirements. Post production testing includes dimensional accuracy, cold temperature impact, stiffness, compression and recovery.

"I've visited Blue Diamond several times, reviewed their procedures and know their commitment to quality and testing is well above the norm. Blue Diamond looks to be truly committed to meet and exceed industry standards."

Rick Thomas, Principle Scientist at TRI Environmental Inc.

BDI also commits to servicing its customers by delivering the correct product and quantity ordered on time. We are an agile company and strive to help our customers and suppliers when extenuating circumstances arise. We monitor our record by executing customer surveys on a quarterly basis.

Finally, Blue Diamond avails itself as a technical resource to our customers. As members of ASTM, PPI (Plastics Pipe Institute), and PCCA (Power and Communication Contractors Association), BDI is on the leading edge of industry research and technical knowledge. Customers come to BDI for technical information regarding HDPE pipe used in a variety of industrial applications.

We welcome comments from our customers and suppliers on our Linked In page or through our web page.

For a copy of our QSM (Quality System Manual) or any questions or inquiries, please call Kevin Copher, Technical Director at (859) 224-0415 or kevin@bdiky.com.


ISO 9001:2015

Blue Diamond is proud to have both our Middlesboro, KY and Aubrey, TX manufacturing facilities' quality management systems certified to ISO 9001:2015. Our Middlesboro facility had previously been certified to ISO 9001:2008 since 2013. Our certification completes a multi-year effort led by our ISO program management team, qualifying our company’s strict adherence to quality management practices. BDI began training our personnel in February 2011 and our production management team received lead auditor training. Starting from the ground up we began building plant wide work instructions and quality procedures, along with fine tuning procedures that we already had in place. In September 2018, we received our ISO 9001:2015 re-certification through an accredited auditor. We continue to do monthly internal audits, review of procedures, management reviews and quarterly customer satisfaction surveys. Through this process BDI has been able to enhance our customer experience by providing the best possible product and service.

Below are a few things our customers had to say about BDI:

"I have no suggestions for improvement. The staff has always been incredibly courteous, professional, and a pleasure to speak to and work with. Our requests are always responded to very quickly. Blue Diamond's efforts have helped us develop a relationship where we view them more as a partner in our efforts, rather than merely providing some of the materials we use."


"Blue Diamond has always done whatever it takes to meet our project deadlines and provide support."


"Blue Diamond is amongst the most responsive manufacturers I have the pleasure of dealing with. I cannot think of anything that can be done to better serve my needs as they have done a top notch job of handling everything sent their way so far."


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