George Zagorski recently “retired” as Past Chairman of the Board of Directors of PPI.  George served on the board for six years, as Vice-Chairman, Chairman and Past Chairman.  Pictured are the current “Past Chairman,” Pat Collings of Lane Enterprises, and President of PPI, Tony Radoszewski.  PPI...Read More

Come take a virtual tour of our new plant in Middlesboro and see what we've been up to!

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A major revision to ASTM F2160 has been completed and the new specification will appear in the "2017 ASTM Book of Specifications Volume 8.04-Plastic Piping Systems."  The specification was originally published in 2001, and the last review was in 2010.

The revisions include:
  • Consolidation...
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Blue Diamond held an open house for its employees, vendors and contractors on November 30th in celebration of completing the move to the new production facilities.  In February of 2015, the previous manufacturing plant was damaged in a series of winter storms.  The combination of snow and...Read More

The Plastics Pipe Institute (PPI) Conduit Division (which Blue Diamond is an active member), has worked with UL (Underwriters Laboratory) to revise the standard for HDPE conduit. 

UL 651A dated June 24, 2016 is the new standard date.  The significant changes are revised values for conduit...Read More

PPI has just published Technical Note TN-50.  It gives a brief history of the development of HDPE “Pipe” in the Telecommunication and Power industries.  Due to the versatility of the material, long lengths with no joints and installation advantages, HDPE Conduit became ubiquitous in HDD...Read More

Contractors are hard at work renovating the facility Blue Diamond purchased in April (see originial announcement here).

Blue Diamond purchased a nine acre site with three buildings totaling 70,000 square feet.  Although the facilities were in reasonably fair condition, BDI wanted to upgrade...Read More

Visit Us at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo! 
Philadelphia, PA - September 26-29 - Booth #1504
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Company will relocate existing facility and add production capacity.

Blue Diamond Industries, LLC has completed the purchase of a nine acre site, which includes three buildings totaling 75,000 square feet in Middlesboro, KY. The company plans on relocating its existing HDPE conduit production...Read More

PPI (Plastics Pipe Institute) Conduit Division has recently posted a position paper on Underground Power Lines.  Blue Diamond supports this position. 
On a regular, if not increasingly frequent occurrence, headlines declare damage caused by storms to aerial power lines.  The easy fix is to...Read More