Pressure Pipe

Blue Diamond Industrial Pressure pipe is ideal for non-potable pressure applications where a durable, leak free system is a priority.  HDPE is an extremely corrosion and chemically resistant material, and is well suited to a number of industrial applications.  The smooth interior has a low Mannings “n” insuring efficient flow for water and industrial fluids.  Blue Diamond Pressure Pipe is commonly used for municipal and industrial applications, geothermal HVAC and dewatering.  Blue Diamond Pressure Pipe is manufactured in accordance with the standard national specifications, including ASTM D3035 and ASTM F714. (Blue Diamond Pressure Pipe is not NSF rated for potable water).  For more information on each industry, please see below.

Industrial Pressure Pipe
BDI Pressure Pipe with its smooth interior and chemical and corrosion resistance is suited for industrial applications.