Blue Diamond Industries is pleased to be working together with Emtelle, a globally recognized leader in the manufacture of microducts and subducts.  Emtelle has all of the components required to build the complete microduct system including bends, connectors, adaptor tees, access fittings, and chambers.

Whether you are building a new FTTH, FTTC, FTTX or are interested in adding microduct to an existing conduit, Emtelle has a solution and the expertise to get the job done.

Blue Diamond can facilitate all inquiries and requests for quotes on your projects.  Please contact a Blue Diamond sales team member at 859-224-0415.

Microduct Product Data Sheets





MHT2308C Gen-DBmf


MHT2432A Gen-DBmf

MHT UK DS 7891c

MHT UK DS 70169B

Blue Diamond provides all that is needed to build a total microduct system, including bends, tees, connectors & more.